Saturday, February 28, 2009

Felt Beads Necklaces

Hey there! People, or at least person, requested a follow up on my big necklace order so along with my last post showing the needle felting process, here is the final installment of this particular storyline.

A bowl of beads, how many? Try to guess! Hint: it's not the actual final number, I took these pics before I was completely done felting:

Here is a necklace in mid-string:

And the finished items:

Very satisfying to complete this challenge! Also, now I know how much wool it takes to make 5 of my necklaces, (more than I had in stock it turns out, doh!) and how much patience it takes to make the same color bead over and over, all day, many days in a row, heh.

Fresh off this project I launched straight into the exciting world of consignment! (To be detailed in my next post, stay tuned :)


  1. How lovely, how delightful !

  2. Those are so beautiful all together! Beautiful any way you look at them really. I want one!!!

  3. Thanks mom, Dell and Lauren! You all warm my heart, thanks so much for the kind comments ♥

  4. mmmmm yummy minty beads :D:D

  5. great photos, and i love those necklaces. beautiful colours.

  6. Thanks so much for the kind comments!

  7. Hi there, your video is great thanks. ...But could you tell me please what thread is best to string my beads or maybe fishing line? and I am guessing you don't make a hole in the beads as you make them but wait and just make a hole with a sewing needle as you string them? is that right? ta for this. I suppose also beads could be dyed after making them? ta for the helpful info. cheers Cherry Collins

  8. Hi Cherry,

    That's right, there's no need to make a hole. I use a strong needle with bead stringing wire made by Accuflex or Softwire, it's more sturdy than filament.

    I've never dyed so I don't know anything about that part of your question, but good luck and I hope you have fun!