Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Makers in Business Season 2 Episode 2 - Marilyn Rosenfeld Part 2

Mom painting on the deck on Martha's Vineyard
So here is the long awaited part two of my interview with my mother, Marilyn Rosenfeld! (Here's a  LINK to Part 1 if you missed it). I find this 2nd episode fascinating. After an exploration of her struggle with what didn't work for her as a maker in business, we discuss the solution that came out of it! A feeling that things aren't working right, a  need for a shift in gears, a collaboration, these are experiences I know a lot of makers can relate to.

I hope you enjoy Part Two! And please share my show with people you think are interested in the business of creative pursuits. Thank you :)

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  1. Hi Liz...and Marilyn. :-) I just finished watching BOTH episodes of your show. I'm sitting here in tears. What a wonderful conversation with a TRUE artist! So many things you spoke about are true even for me, and artistic crocheter. :-) And boy do I ever understand the whole pricing thing!! I hate it when people ask if they can get my items for less!...But I, unlike your mom, am not an introvert in that way. That may be my poetically artistic side coming out! ^_^ I'm used to expressing myself!...I LOVE writing poetry and crocheting as much as your mom likes to draw! And I post my work on my blog...my poems I mean...every day FOR FREE, because I want people to feel something. Not just think about how much it costs! (Although I've had people say: "You should get them published!!" LOL I'm going on and on here, but let's you know how much the talk with your mom meant to me. Thank you so much for sharing it. Now I'm off to your shop, Liz, to buy some 'art'!! :-)