Monday, July 19, 2010

Granny Square Pillow Cover

I have been so eager to make pillows! I have had this excitement for years now. I've bought pillow-making books, read tutorial after tutorial and finally took the plunge with this cotton granny square I had crocheted last year. I made the front about 12 inches across.

I matched the stitch count for the back and crocheted two panels which overlapped about 3 or 4 rows. On the second-to-last row of the top panel, I used double crochet stitch to act as button holes, then finished with a row of single crochet.

I had originally crocheted the front piece to the back pieces with right sides facing and then turned it right side out. But I didn't love it so I took it apart and re-crocheted it with wrong sides together, when I did that the crochet edge appeared like piping. Now I love it! Plus it was easier to see where I needed to catch loops at the places where I had to stitch through 3 layers.

I sorted through my vintage button collection and picked out coordinating but all different-patterned white plastic buttons. I sewed them on about 2-3 crochet stitches apart along the back seam.

I went to the fabric shop to buy a 12" square pillow insert but all they had was 14" so I bought it. I made sure to pick one with a nice fabric shell because it is visible through the front granny square of the pillow cover. The pillow insert turned out to be just the right size! The cover stretched over it nicely.

*happy sigh*

Will be making many more of this kind of pillow and others too! I knew I would love it and now that I've started, I cannot be stopped :)


  1. Granny squares are addicting!
    I'd never thought to make a pillow from them-yours looks great :)

  2. Nice pillow :) I'm planning to make a bunch of squares one day :)

  3. The pillow idea is wonderful Your photos are delightful, your pillow, the great colors, and those amazing buttons!

  4. Beautiful pillow -- front and back. Nice colors, too!

  5. Great pillow. I think I love the buttoned back as much as the front!

  6. So pretty! I love the buttoned back, and think it would be cool to offer a second type of pillow that's solid on both sides with buttons on one. Cardigans and buttons are both so popular right now, and the way the buttons are lined up remind me of a sweater. So there you go, I've given you more work to do. :-)

  7. Thanks Andrea, yes, can't stop with the granny squares :)

    Thanks Sonja, if you make one, you will make a BUNCH LOL!

    Thanks mom!! You know I have a thing for buttons.

    Thanks kindly Robin!

    Thanks Vicki, I do too!

    LOL Ann, thanks for the addition to my to-do list :) I do think that's a good idea!

  8. Those pillows are beautiful-so breezy! I knit but I am terrified, (I mean to the point of paralysis) of crochet!

  9. I love it! especially the buttons on the back. And i swoon over your vintage button collection. Cheers!