Friday, August 29, 2008

I can has neighbors?

Hello from the third floor of Mill A! Exciting things are happening here at Western Avenue Studios with many new artists moving in around me.

Mine is the orange door on the left in the picture above, and my new neighbor with the lovely purple door is Candace of The Intuitive Garden! You may recognize that name from previous posts as Candace and I frequently share a space at craft shows. She is very positive, has great ideas and is an amazing artist and photographer, I'm thrilled to have her right next door!

Across the hall with the gorgeous glass cases is Lush Beads! Yes, the downtown bead store is now right across the hall from me. Oh trust me, I know how dangerous this is :) I already struggle with working right below a yarn shop! Liz is my good friend and I am not only excited to have so many supplies nearby, I'm delighted to be able to see her every day. In addition to beading supplies, she will be offering her gorgeous intricate finished jewelry and classes!

As you can imagine, I am in heaven :) Come by and visit us September 6th for First Saturday Open Studios, we will all have our doors open 12-5.

Also on that day, Liz is having a special event with a book signing featuring Karen Morris, author of The Beading Answer Book. She will also have refreshments and raffles! (Oh, and there are about 150 other artists at Western Avenue who would love to meet you as well :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fluid Blue

Last Saturday night I was fortunate to have the chance to model a one-of-a-kind jacket hand-created by Ann Lee who has a studio at Western Avenue. I had watched each original piece come together over the course of many months and Saturday Ann lined up 9 models to show her creations to the world! Well, at least to everyone who crowded into the standing-room-only runway area she set up in the loading dock. With WGBH's Margot Stage as MC, we paraded proudly, laughing and clowning a little as the crowd cheered us on!

Gay Tracy:

Heather Wang

Liz Stewart:

Ann seemed to be in heaven and sold at least three jackets that night! It was huge fun and I'm so glad I participated despite a touch of stage fright. Here's Ann grinning in the middle as we applaud her:

I especially enjoyed creating original jewelry to match the jacket:

I don't think this launches my career as a professional model, but I'm sure it launches Ann's as a first class couturier!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Festival of Folk!

Wow, I survived my first three-day outdoor show! I vended at Art in the Courtyard as part of the Lowell Folk Festival which happens the last full weekend in July every year.

It rained all day the previous Thursday and made me VERY NERVOUS! But the weather turned lovely for the bulk of the weekend, sunny and hot.

We set up in the quiet shady space created between the buildings of Market Mills between Market and Dutton Streets. It was a great location and wind was not a problem. There was a huge turnout of people coming through and quite a lot of them were interested in handcrafted pretties so we all did well!

My set up:

Choosing a card to give mommy:

I gave needle felting demonstrations, here I'm making little gray wool beads:

I shared a space with Amanda of Brick Mill Studio
and we were kindly placed next to Candace of The Intuitive Garden. Etsy representing!

Here is Amanda, working while she vends:

And her beautiful work, bead crochet:

Expert bead stringing:

From the Intuitive Garden, delicious-looking pendants caught in in the slanting evening sun:

Post earrings, so cute!!

We are not only Etsy peeps, we are WASers! Other Western Avenue Artists vending were Vicki Green, Heather Wang and Peter from La Sal Mountains Studio.

Only some of Heather's gorgeous goods:

Peter's set up:

Peter helps a little girl choose the perfect glass animal:

I met the lovely Kendra Renee and snapped some pics of her stunning work:

We ate many meats on sticks, and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. I let D loose with the camera and he returned with this fantastic collection of shots which really captures the scene:
D self portrait:

The Courtyard:

Best meat on a stick:

Everybody gets in the spirit:

Which design to have painted?

The cooling station misunderstood:

Great dog watching:


The event was exhausting but totally worth it! We were scheduled to end the weekend at 5 on Sunday, but at 4:30 a fierce thunderstorm raged in and washed us out. We knew it was coming and had rigged up tarps and tent walls but it was still a scramble to pack up without anything getting wet in the blowing rain and the water sluicing down the steps behind us and under our tables. D was heroic and brought my car into the courtyard so we could pack quickly in the downpour and none of my items got ruined! After a few days the tarps, chairs and dolly were dry again. What's an outdoor show without a little excitement, right?