Monday, February 12, 2007

Delightful Interaction

I recently completed a wonderful special order for a bride. She saw these
in my Etsy store and wanted six pairs for her bridesmaids! Isn't that lovely? She has a very thoughtful bridesmaid that contacted me about the custom order and when I said "Sure!" she further wondered could I make matching bracelets? "You bet!"

Since they were local, I was able to meet the bride and her bridesmaid for lunch so I could show them the jewelry in person. What a fun time we had swapping stories (such as how we met our other halves) and just visiting with nice people.

When D and I met, he was working as a wedding videographer and I was making custom wedding invitations for Jansson. And don't forget his love for, and my subsequent conversion to loving The Wedding Present (brilliant kachangy Brit Pop band). It was inevitable that we would wed, non? I still love all things wedding and am looking forward to completing the custom designed invitation I am creating for my amazing nephew and his equally amazing fiancee.

Here's what our wedding invite looked like back in 2002, I based it on a personal ad because we met through Yahoo personals. The grayed out ads on top and bottom refer to our parents, both sets of which have been married over fifty years.


  1. That wedding invite is the best one I've seen ever. Great idea.

    Love your blog too! You do such an interesting array of projects that I'm going to have to add you to my bloglines.

  2. Thanks very much, your blog is fun too!