Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Studio Is Painted!

I did it :) All by myself too. On Monday I wiped the walls down with a damp rag, they were covered in dust from when the drywall guys taped the joints. Then I primed all the surfaces, that took all my energy! I scrubbed a few bricks in the windowsill to see if the dirt would come off, the answer? Yes! And ew. SO dirty. 100 years of dirt. Then I took a day off to save on chiropractic bills and went back today.

I played a Sarah Harmer CD also listened to NPR and it went much faster. Also more satisfying to see the color going on and guess what? I LIKE IT!! Actually, I LOVE IT. Which is good because I bought too much and have decided to put it on the walls in my bedroom as well.

Which one did I choose? The less yellow one, Water Sprout. Amanda and her mom came by to see my progress. Her mom, who it turns out is a color guru, said "It has just enough yellow in it to have the benefits of yellow with none of the drawbacks." Yay!

Also I hope it captures a Martha Stewart vibe (yeah, I like her, don't be a hater!) and at the same time the color of municipal trucks or old post offices. It looks great with the wood and the bricks. I've decided to paint the door a burnt orange And I can't wait to see those colors together! This kind of feeling:


  1. Yay! My enthusiastic clapping earned me an annoyed look from the cat.

  2. you must be so happy that the color is up! it looks great!

  3. Candace, but does it really take much to earn that look?

    amanda, thanks for you and your mom's pos reinforcement!

  4. So, which Martha Stewart color are we painting our bedroom walls again? Is this a conspiracy between you and Chet?

  5. Mint/celery is the right description :)

    Busted by my anonymous husband!

  6. I love how the color looks, and how you look putting it on the walls.
    The bricks are gorgeous!

    Love, Mom

  7. how totally awesome!!! I can't wait to see it all finished =o)

  8. Wow, that looks great on the walls. When I saw it on the card I thought it would be a little overwhelming. I guess that's why my walls are still beige!:-D