Monday, October 13, 2008

Show Season!

So I've participated in Lowell Open Studios, Western Avenue First Saturday Open Studios and The SOWA Market twice since I last wrote...this must be the start of the holiday season! No really, I am full-on thinking about solstice and Hanukah and Christmas and whatever else is coming up what seems like VERY fast. I'm making tons of felty goodies and polymer clay eggs so I have plenty on hand, trying to anticipate what might be a big seller and stocking up.

I'm doing some big shows this year and I am kinda nervous! Excited and nervous :) They were both juried and very expensive so I will take some higher end "art jewelry" pieces there, I think making those will be be fun! Stuff like this:

The first show is at the Worcester Center for Crafts, November 28, 10-5, 29th, 10-5 and the 30th, 10-4. The other is the SOWA Holiday Market, December 13th and 14th, 10-6.

And of course I am participating in Western Avenue Studios First Saturday Open Studio on November 1st from 12-5. In December, Western Avenue is having Open Studios on the first two weekends for your holiday shopping convenience :) I will only be there the first weekend though, as the second one coincides with the SOWA show :(

I am also involved in a group show at The Loading Dock Gallery which starts the day after Thanksgiving and runs through to Christmas, more on that in another post :)

*goes off to collapse in a heap*


  1. Your photo are so beautiful, your set-up, your lovely wares.

    This is an elegant blog post.

    So proud of you,

    Love, Mom

  2. Your displays of all your beautiful jewelry and homemade pieces looks wonderful. Just reading about all the shows you have coming up makes me exhausted. Have fun and hope you are very $$ sucessful!

  3. I have no doubt that your last shows this year will be incredibly successful.

    *goes off to get pom-poms*

  4. I just love the jewelry you posted here! It's beautiful. . . nice to meet you on Sunday also! I'm not sure if I'm doing any more shows for the season, but hopefully I'll see you around soon.

  5. I'm going to miss seeing you at shows this year!