Monday, April 6, 2009

What I'm Working On

Lately I've been snapping pictures of my workspace. I am in such a high state of production that I haven't been able to take time to blog! But I can show you in pictures what's happening in my studio:

Making the polymer clay designs that go on my egg ornaments:

Here are baked and sanded eggs waiting on varnish. Meanwhile I'm bagging sets of beads. I make them from the clay leftover from making the eggs:

Here I am choosing vintage buttons and sewing pinbacks on flowers and nests:

Sorry for the tilt angle! Only way I could get it all in :)


  1. All that you're making is so beautiful. Those kaleidoscope canes are fabulous!

  2. LOVE the new, fancy eggs!! :)

  3. Liz -- I love all your wonderful creations!

  4. I love all the beautiful colors! Spring is truly blooming at Western Avuenue Studios.... :)

  5. Posting these photos was a great idea. You have been working very hard, and the results are amazing and beautiful.

  6. Thanks Lauren!!

    Thanks Squash, I appreciate it :)

    Kristin, they're FANCY!

    Robin, Cindy Mom thanks so much for your wonderful support!

  7. Hi,

    Interesting blog. I love the eggs! Pretty!