Monday, May 18, 2009

Craft Show Display

It's show season again! Along with thinking about producing as many items as I can to fill my table and what exactly those items should be, I'm also thinking about display.

My craft show displays have always been organic and inexpensive, whatever I had around that worked for now. Over time they have been augmented by things I've found for free or at thrift shops. I also found some great items at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. I got my fab card spinner randomly from a shop that was going out of business.

Here's how my full tent display came out at the Sheep Shearing festival in April, thanks to Candace's generous help and impeccable eye!

Here's my half-space table from Andover Crafts in the park on May 9th:

This past weekend I vended at the SOWA Artwalk in Boston's South End. It was a crazy set up of first come first served spaces in two empty office buildings. The space was generously donated and our table fee was $0, so we were all determined to make the situation work!

I snagged a space in a larger room with some natural light. The fluorescent light above me was not functioning and the first day my space was a little dark.

On Sunday I brought a lamp and that made a huge difference. I sold many more of the items under the light! I also rearranged the left side of the display.

My theme, in as much as I have one, has mostly been trending toward displays that look like they should hold food. I think this is appealing and goes with some of my food-like products, cupcake anyone?

But it's not consistent across my table, I do like the way things pull together at my shows, and I get a good response from shoppers, but there is a part of me that wishes I could have a Martha Stewart set designer come in and tell me what I should do! Because I believe, like photos in online shops, displays at craft shows can affect sales.

Though I don't think I'm living up to my full display potential yet, I'm on that path, I'll get there soon!


  1. I think your displays look great. It's a process. I'm always playing with my set up, especially when practically every one is different~one time it's a 6 foot table, the next it's a full 10' x 10'. Thanks for sharing!

  2. All your show displays look awesome!! I'm hankering for one of those cupcakes right now. ;)

  3. Your displays are so nice and professional looking!Mine always end up being a jumbled mess.I think I bring too much with me...

  4. All the work you have done, thinking about how to make your display look attractive has paid off! Everything looks beautiful, colorful and appealing.

  5. Oooh I think it looks fabulous!!
    Like a sweet shop - all those colours, yummy :)
    Nicola x

  6. Hello Liz: I really like your displays...things are very neat and organized yet approachable. Easy to see and select. I do not see any traffic jam areas which is always a turn-off. Personally I think your displays are great and I love your products. Keep it simple and collect the sales rewards! I am certain I have put in more than my two cents worth however I have done shows since forever with my grandma when she was alive and she knew how to sell.
    Thank you for sharing. :o)

  7. Hi, Liz,
    I just stumbled upon your blog this weekend. I live in Lowell, too, and am a writer who lives downtown and teaches at UMass Lowell. I think I actually saw your great work during the last open studios at Western Ave! I will be sure to stop by and introduce myself next time I'm at the open studios. I'll also keep checking in on your wonderful blog. Please come on over to mine any time, too!


  8. Bear Chick, so true! It's a process always in flux

    Thanks Cindy, hope you like your cupcake :)

    Andrea, I doubt you make a jumbled mess :) Thanks for your kind comment

    Thanks so much mom!!

    Nicola, thanks! Yes, I do try to make it look like candy and sweets :)

    Thanks so much for your kind input Sherry!! I have been doing shows since 1990 and my displays are definitely more sophisticated than they used to be :)

    Hi Gigi! Or should I say "neighbor" :) Yes, please come say hi at the next Open Studios, they are the 1st Saturday of every month. 12-5 meanwhile, please check out my writer husband's blog

  9. Your display is wonderful and very appealing! I love your blog, just discovered it, and a fellow Etsy seller, even better!