Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Everything Upside Down

So there was some water damage in our condo. We are on the top floor and over the years the roof has leaked around the windows and such. Now that the roof has been replaced, the work can begin to paint and patch the damaged spots.

Dell and I had been somewhat dreading this moment, our small condo is crammed with the beloved artifacts of our ten years here. Even with half my stuff crammed into my studio we still have some pack-ratting issues in the apartment we don't much care to correct.

Though I cringed at the invasion of the workmen in my personal space, and hated the idea of being confronted with the evidence of my storage dysfunction by having to pull the bags of stuff out from under furniture where previously it had been hidden enough to allow me the illusion of normalcy I craved, I decided, since I had no choice, to embrace the event. To take it as a learning moment, to embrace the chaos and perhaps use the upheaval to make changes. Or at least to dust :)

The painters themselves are smaller guys and very neat and very quiet, this works well for our tight-like-a-ship quarters. They are also used to working in occupied spaces. After two days of being home while they worked in the other room, I can say I am very pleased with their methods. And our living room looks so much nicer without that hole in the ceiling!

Chester camped out in the bedroom with me while the guys worked in the living room. He knows how to take care of himself.

Did I learn a valuable adult-after-school-special lesson about change being a catalyst for growth? Not really, but neither did I fall apart like I feared. And when the work is all over and it's time to stash everything back where it was? It's possible I won't.


  1. What a great description of the upheaval caused by workmen, even neat careful workmen, in your small living space.
    You write beautifully, and the photo of Chester hiding out is adorable.

  2. Liz -- I think you're dealing well with a not-so-good situation. Even though it's a cliche -- this truly is a lemons to lemonade scenario. By the way, your newly painted living room is beautiful (and so is the cat peeking out from the closet)!

  3. Oh, I HATE having people working in my house-especially when it involves a mess, Ugh! Good luck! Once you get everything put back together, do you want to have your studio space featured on my open studio friday series?

  4. Mom, thanks :) upheaval comes in many forms, eh?

    Thanks Robin!

    Thanks Jennifer, I appreciate your comiseration :) YES! I'd be honored to have my studio featured on your cool blog, thanks!!

  5. Yep, no fun to have strangers working in your house. But thankfully there are many really good ones out there that can make the experience not so terrible.

    Hope everything works out okay. ;)

  6. I also LOVE the photo of Chester watching from the closet. :)

  7. Thanks Cindy, these guys were so good at working in "occupied spaces" they had lots of experience. And they were gone by Friday at noon! Chet finally came out of the closet. Ahem, you know what I mean :)