Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Custom Orders: I take 'em*

Lately I have been working on a lot of special orders. I love it when people ask if I can make something and the answer is YES!

*Now, I can't always do it. Maybe the barrier is simple like I don't have the color of wool needed or maybe it's more complicated like the requested item is such a leap from my existing product line that it isn't something I am interested in making. For example, I might have a go at trying to make a felted ornament shaped like a bon bon instead of a cupcake but I have no interest in felting your cat hair into anything. (True story)

A little while ago I made a felted beads necklace in custom colors for someone:

And for someone else a custom cupcake in all vanilla:

Most recently I made a felt beads necklace in all red:

I am currently making more felt beads in blues and greens for another custom necklace.

At the same time I am working to complete a wholesale order for my polymer clay egg ornaments.

Here are the canes I made to adorn the eggshells:

Here are the eggs baked and waiting to be sanded, varnished and have loops attached:

So let me know if you are interested in something custom made. These projects keep my workload interesting and fun, and I love making people happy with my whimsical handiworks!


  1. Beautiful works of art. I love watching these items spring to life and then head off to a happy home.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to create something that you know someone will love? Beautiful work--your polymer clay work is amazing!

  3. I agree with Dell, watching you make things is one of the great joys of life. And the works of art you produce are spectacular.

  4. as always, love your work! bet you're surprised to see me on your blog and not on twitter:)

    oh, and i hate to do it, but i tagged you. details on my blog www.aprilink.blogspot.com. if you want to participate that would be great but if not, I totally understand.

    see you on twitter!