Friday, April 30, 2010

The book giveaway winner is...

Comment #22 who turns out to be: Lesley of Smidgebox!

Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who entered, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my blog post and I loved reading all your wonderful comments. I hope you will find a way to check out Kari's book soon. It's a great resource, like having a friend in your book bag who knows all about running your crafty business :)


  1. yay! i'm so excited, liz, thank you so much! i can't wait to read kari's book, i've heard so much praise :)

  2. I went ahead and bought a copy. A few chapters in, and loving it!

  3. I just found your blog via Etsy! A little too late for the giveaway but I'm sure Amazon will have the one I just ordered here quick as a wink...the book looks great and I can't wait to read it. Am loving your blog and all your links to Lowell...

    natalie jo

  4. Only yesterday I had an email from Amazon suggesting I might like this book, and today it was delivered and I do! AND I have discovered your blog which is another bonus. No excuses now, I have to get on with things!