Monday, August 9, 2010

Podcast Recommendation of the Week - Number 3

I started a new series recommending the podcasts I enjoy listening to while crafting. You can find the growing links list on the right hand sidebar.

*Please note you don't need an iPod to listen to these programs, they are available on the websites I link to and can be listened to through any MP3 player or right on your computer.*

I grew up listening to Car Talk on NPR, it was part of my childhood weekend. Mom prepared lunch, dad tinkered in the basement, and I sat at the kitchen table drawing while we all listened to the goofy Magliozzi brothers laugh at their own terrible jokes and try to answer real questions about car repair.

I lived in Tennessee in my twenties. I was surprised to find a co-worker who thought Tom and Ray were stupid and childish who just laughed at their own stupid jokes. I thought, "Yeah, so what?" That's part of the charm of these intelligent Cambridge guys; their self deprecation, infectious laughter and recurring inside jokes you don't really need to get.

Plus they really do answer questions about cars and car repairs! And relationships strained by disagreement over car issues.

If you already listen, I'm preaching to the choir, but if you haven't tried it yet, I hope you enjoy getting to know this silly, relaxed show. (If, however, you agree with my TN coworker then please, let us never speak of this again.)


  1. All of this is true, and it is very sweet of you to write about some good times we had listening and laughing.

    Car Talk is very enjoyable. It was great listening to it with you.

  2. I love Click and Clack!

    My Saturday mornings in Chicago consisted of Car Talk; Wait, Wait, and Whaddya know. Still listen to most of them religiously. I owe NPR a lot of $$.

  3. I used to not "get" Car Talk. It turned out I didn't get it because I wasn't listening. When I finally sat down to listen, I found them hilarious and oh-so-smart. I really love that show; thanks for sharing!

  4. This brings back memories! Usually, I'm doing errands on Sat. a.m. while "Car Talk" is on. I love the callers who go to great lengths to imitate the terrible sounds their car is making. I also like the trivia questions.

  5. You turned me on to Car Talk first. And now I listen to it every time you play it for me.

  6. I used to listen to it, too! I thought the brothers were too funny and I actually learned a little about cars in the process. And, like Robin, I also love the people trying to sound like their cars. What a hoot!