Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Find me online

I'm always online, either here, on Twitter, checking email, posting pictures to Flickr.

But being on someone else's blog is a special thrill so here are two other places you can find me today:

No Big Dill is hosting a pincushion ring giveaway on her blog! Be sure and leave a comment to enter.

And on Scoutie Girl, which is a wonderful resource for crafters and craft lovers. Dannielle Cresp interviewed me for a little feature on where craftiness comes from.

Yay! Thank you Internets!!


  1. I am so glad your felted cupcakes have generated so much internet excitement. They are lovely.

    The interview is delightful. I am very happy to see you found our home a place that nurtured creativity, but nothing could have stopped you! We knew we had a little artist when you were still very small.

  2. Aw, your mom's comment is so sweet!!

    I hope I win that giveaway :o)

  3. oh how all very exciting YAY for you xox

  4. :) I entered the contest to win one of your pincushions... loved the post too! Your Mom's message is lovely. Hope you're well!