Friday, October 11, 2013

Ask me a question!


I hope you are well. As you know I am deep in the throes of holiday inventory production. But I am also still creating new episodes of my TV interview show, Makers in Business. In each episode I talk with people who make things and sell them for a living. For December I'd like to do something fun and different. I'd like to post an episode where I answer any questions you'd like to ask me on the topic of making things and selling them!

Your question can be to me specifically or just a general question you think I might have some information/insight about. To make it more universal I won't be mentioning who asked each question so you don't have to worry about it if you'd rather be anonymous!

Whenever I participate in Open Studios or do a show, I often engage with other makers at different stages of their businesses. Everyone has questions about the next steps they should take. What do other people do about this and that? Everyone is unique in their situation, but I think all the discussions, like on my show, have universal themes and practical information that could be helpful to anyone on this creative business path.

So please post your question in the comments or on Twitter and let folks on social media know that I'm putting this out there as well. To make this even more fun I'm offering a free Makers in Business mug #swag to a random participant!

IMPORTANT: Questions must be in by Monday, October 14 at 5 PM to be eligible for the TV show and the giveaway.



  1. Do you ever have moments when you think about going back to an office job and the "stability" that goes along with it?

  2. Hi, Liz!
    I'm always curious about the mental and physical health benefits people experience by doing what they love, any thoughts on that?

  3. I can think of so many... I am hoping to make my art a regular business (since I'll soon be laid off) but have no idea where to start. Debating on using my name, as many do, but it's rather long and hard to say/spell. Do you think a name for your business has to be such a big deal (as I'm making it out to be...heh)?

  4. Liz -- Where do you get your ideas for new products?

    1. Well that's a tricky one, isn't it? Mostly I get ideas that are based on something I'm already making, like a variation on a theme that's proven popular. Where do I get my ideas originally? Same place you get your poems :)

  5. How do you deal with time management? This is an area I always struggle with, especially because I work from home. The trappings of home, good and bad, e.g. gardening and laundry, seem to work their way into my work day more often than I'd like.