Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fresh start, new beginnings, spring cleaning!

Hi there,

So I just wanted to thank you for watching/listening to my TV interview show, Makers in Business for the past two years! Along with Catherine Zaker, and all the fine folks at local access TV in Lowell,, and my fantastic artist guests, we made 22 episodes and I could not be more thrilled with them!

When I started the project I was in a bit of a personal funk. Making the show was an attempt to snap out of it. I wanted to try something scary, new, outside my wheelhouse. It was very effective and I enjoyed it tremendously. And I met some amazing people, got to record the stories of makers I admire greatly, and enrich the community with their experiences.

But Makers in Business as a TV show has ended. My interview with the charming Mark Fisher is the last episode for this run. I may bring the series back in another format in the future as a podcast only, or in print. But for now Makers in Business is on indefinite hiatus.

Of course this tugs my heart! But it is also the right thing to do right now and I am pleased with my decision. I will leave all the video episodes up and available on Vimeo and the Audio on PodBean/iTunes at least through the end of the year 2014. But I do pay for these services and I don't know how much longer I will do that beyond this year. We'll see.

Soon I will share the exciting things I am doing in 2014 including telling you about a life-changing book that is helping me finally clear clutter and feel better at the same time! I never dreamed that was possible. I'll post about my personal experience then run an interview I did with the book's author asking him questions specific to artists and clutter. Stay tuned! I think you will find it very interesting.

Thanks again!

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  1. Good luck for the bittersweet (or sweetbitter) transition towards new adventures, Liz! :)