Friday, November 7, 2014

Stash Busting for Fun and Profit

I've been clutter busting this year and as I go through my studio I find supplies I had hoped to use someday but haven't yet, or used some of but then stopped.

Some of these things I've moved on to new creative homes. Some of them I'm still interested in. Like the way a writing teacher might use a prompt to get her students thinking in new creative ways, I'm finding enjoyment in the challenge of developing new items that fit with my current line of products from the supplies I already own.

This is one idea I started developing, It's a bud vase I made by covering a tall slender spice jar with a felted crochet sweater. I added vintage buttons too. From my existing stash this used: yarn, buttons, and clean spice jars I had collected because I loved the shape and could never bear to recycle them. 

And I think it fits thematically with my current collection of coffee cuffs and felted bowls

I'll keep working on the bud vases, make a bunch in different colors and see if my customers are interested! 

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