Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My finger on the button

So we went to Florida for 6 days to visit my husband's parents and one of his sisters. We went last year, but only for three days, so this was a treat. It was my second visit to the state of Florida. They live on Anna Maria Island, which is below Tampa Bay. You can swim in the Bay or on the Gulf side depending on the wind. We stayed on the gulf side and went to the perfect beach every day. It was ridiculous! We love the super bright sun that makes everything go to eleven. And his family is wonderful so we were relaxed and well taken care of. Herons and egrets and ibis aplenty! I never get tired of seeing these incredible birds just standing in someone's front yard like a robin.

I hadn't packed any craft supplies (thought I would catch up on my reading) but on my way out the door to catch the plane from Manchester, NH, I impulsively grabbed my jewelry tools, sterling findings and some mother-of-pearl buttons from my vast vintage button collection. So here's what I made: (and I'm keeping them for myself!)


  1. Breathtaking and absolutely adorable. And brilliant!!

    Love, Mom

  2. Awww Florida, I am jealous!! Bob and I went to Tampa on our honeymoon. So glad you had such a great time! The wildlife down there is amazing. And Manchester has a nice airport.

  3. Thanks mom! Hugs!!

    Terri - We hate flying, but we LOVE the Manchester airport!! It's so easy! Kills me how they call it the Manchester/Boston Airport. Trying a little too hard I think :)

    This is only my second trip to Fla, but I loved it just as much as the first time!

  4. The beach pic is so inviting!!!

  5. I love those earrings! Take some pics of you wearing them - especially the super long ones. I'd love to see the scale.

    I have to have a craft project when I travel. I get anty if I don't have one and then end up buying tools that I already own just so I can get my crafting fix. Hmmm, sound a little too much like drugs?

  6. I will try to snap a pic of me wearing the earrings and at least one of the bracelets. It shouldn't be hard to catch me wearing them, I get so enamored of my newest bling I wear them to death!

    (I will admit I had packed knitting and I did start another hat)