Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Button Earrings

I am excited that I made some button earrings for my Etsy shop and not just to keep for myself. Though I do grow attached to the little buttons, I am willing to share. And if I use them up, it gives me the excuse I need to purchase more!

When I handle the vintage mother of pearl buttons, I feel their history and try to picture the garment they once graced. Sometimes there is a bit of the original fabric still sewn to the button and I can imagine a pair of flannel pajamas or a dress shirt stiff with starch.

When I was in Florida I ran out of jump rings but was able to purchase a length of 18 gauge sterling half-hard wire. I coiled it carefully around a knitting needle and snipped the rings apart with a flush cutter. The trick is that the cutters only cut flush on one side so you have to flip them around and snip the pointy end off each second cut. I don't mind the repetition, it's satisfying to end up with a pile of perfect silver circles. When I got home, I made more in all sizes.


  1. I was just admiring the chandelier button earrings last night! I bet they make a lovely sound when you shake your head.

    Pretty pretty pretty!

  2. Thanks! I almost can't bear to part with them.(

    Surprisingly, they are actually very quiet!)

  3. Your button earrings are beautiful. What a great use of these carefully saved, useful little bits of history.

    Love, Mom

  4. Those earrings are so adorable!
    The background against them looks nice, too.

  5. Thanks!! I need to make more so I don't get so attached :)

  6. I know what you mean about those old pearl buttons. I have hundreds and hundreds of them and just can't seem to part with them. Big time button addict here.