Friday, June 15, 2007

I went nuts with the needle felting!

I have this roving, it's some of the first wool I bought when I wanted to learn needle felting. I got it at Bazaar Bizarre in Boston last December. Here's Chester enjoying it with me. It's washed so it cannot be used for wet felting. So yesterday, after wet felting beads with my unwashed merino woool from Village Spinning and Weaving Shop all morning, I decided to needle felt some irregular round stacked flower shapes with it.

The roving is so soft and fluffy and smells very slightly of lanolin. It's a complete pleasure to handle. And I got to incorporate some of my vintage buttons so the joy was complete. I just need to put pinbacks on them and they will be ready for listing on Etsy, or perhaps I should stockpile them for South End Open Market coming up all too quickly on July 22nd!


  1. These are beautiful!!What a wonderful bouquet. And a magnificent cat. Love, Mom

  2. Beautiful!

    I need to get moving on some stuff for the SEOM!

  3. You are so energetic and prolific! I love the flowers!