Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November Open Studios Recap

Saturday, November 3rd brought a wild storm with rain and wind, remnants of a tropical storm I believe. That did not stop my intrepid parents from driving 30 miles to visit with me during First Saturdays Open Studios!

I had procrastinated unpacking and setting up my display after SEOM last week, but I was just about finished when they arrived smiling and clad head to toe in LL Bean. We figured the weather might keep folks away and it seems it did, though I did get a few lovely customers and made a little money. I also got to talk with a bunch of visitors and I enjoy that.

It was cozy in the studio with the storm raging outside. We listened to Brazilian music and I made earrings while mom and dad had a picnic lunch. Heroic D battled the elements and dippy coffee store employees to bring me my afternoon coffee. Big gold star! (He also took these pics of us, thanks!!)

One of my favorite parts of Open Studios is seeing the other artists who are fast becoming dear friends. During the week we are not all there every day and I don't go in on the weekends when I'm sure a lot of people who have day jobs are in their studios.

The best news I received all week is that Liz and I have been accepted into the stART Holiday Show in Worcester on December 9th! Also vending at that show? Eve and Peter, the glass artists extraordinaire who run La Sal Mountains Studio, and the lovely, cheerful, and immensely talented Heather Wang who are all in Western Avenue Studios up on the 4th floor.


  1. That describes it perfectly! Cozy and light, while the storm raged outside, and artists from other studios coming in, all smiles and good will. I fell in love with them all that very day. What a great atmosphere, creative, enthusiastic, and full of affection. Love, Mom

  2. What a lovely way to spend a rainy Saturday! Love, Dad.

  3. I love the photograph of your eggs. They look great! Also, looks like you had lots of cozy fun with your folks. :)


    AKA/Cynthia Sherrick

  4. I love how bundled-up and happy your parents look. Cozyness makes me happy!

  5. It was all about the cozy! Thanks all :)