Saturday, February 2, 2008


OK, we know it ain't an original concept, but it's still cool to see art vending machines at our very own Western Avenue Studios.

Thanks to Rex of Vendzart® Industries,

there are several sweet machines that he restored, altered and installed, vending art to unsuspecting, um, I mean lucky, patrons in the halls and bathrooms. This is the one I have my goods in.

Here is what I put in the little packets:

These are mostly older polymer clay buttons or pendants. I mean "vintage" items I made in the 90's, with a few newbies thrown in. I know three have already been purchased. I am delighted to participate in this cheap-art-for-the-masses concept at no personal financial gain. I am enriched by the knowledge that I have brought art into someone's sad and lonely existance for less than the cost of a Grande. OK, 'scuse me, gotta go play with my Bouncy Bouncy Artist Balls...


  1. Zowie and Wowie both!! this is just delightful.

    Rex is brilliant and very dear.

    You are also brilliant and also very dear. What a great place, the Western Avenue Studios.
    Love, Mom

  2. I love that machine!

    It was so nice to see you this weekend - I got tons of complements on my new earrings on Saturday while we were out to dinner. Thank you so much for the earrings and the card - it was such a thoughtful gift and really made my day.

  3. Mom, you are the best! So glad you like the studios.

    Marianne, great to see you and K too and another belated happy birthday! I'm thrilled you like my things, thanks for letting me know you got raves on the earrings! That makes MY day :)

  4. Cool art dispensers. I've never seen one before. Pretty wild.... :)

  5. Seriously, I never seen one of those machines before. Too neat. :)

  6. What a great idea! If I ever see one of those I'm definitely going to buy some art out of it!