Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New for spring!

Well, it IS spring after all :) Last week I picked up Candace and we went to my mom and dad's house for a tasty lunch. We also made a fun trip to Paper Source in Wellesley, MA. I got all kinds of supplies to print more of mom's cards. Here's mom amongst the papers, she is too cute!

So here is the latest card in our collaboration!

The little cottage is called Crystal Palace. It's in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard. Mom painted the watercolor when their flowers were in bloom. I especially love how the urn breaks the border and gives the image depth.

I couldn't decide which color background looked best with it, we all agreed the image looked great on each of four colors so that's how we are offering it!


  1. I am honored to be featured in your blog post. I love how you presented the Crystal Palace, how you used the different backgrounds.

    I had a great time with you and Candace that day.

    Loved it all, love you, Mom

  2. I was just looking in your shop earlier today and admiring the one with the pears! What a terrific collaboration project :)

  3. Great photo of your Mom and all the beautiful paper. She does look cute. :)

    I absoultely love your newest collaboration. The painting is lovely and the border colors look perfect.

    It makes me long for New England...

  4. Wait, when in the world did you take that photo of your mom? I was there wasn't I?

    I had so much fun that day you have no idea. I don't get to see my own mom very often and seeing yours is such a treat. =)

  5. I absolutely love these cards...everything about them. Your mom is very cute. I have a cute mom too. She's gets really excited when she sees my work table and says she wants to help.

  6. Mom, you make this whole adventure possible, and so much fun!

    Diva, thanks so much! Mom will be so pleased :)

    Thanks Cindy, you always have a place to crash when you come up!

    Hee hee, TIG, you were paying for your goodies. My mom loves you!

    Thanks so much Gina, cute moms are the best! Your story is sweet :)