Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March Forward

Last Saturday, March 1st, it snowed like crazy! I wasn't sure if the First Saturday Open Studios, scheduled from 12-5, would happen, or if I would even attend. But as the morning went on, the snow eased up a bit and I ventured out late, getting to my studio just before one. Other artists seemed to be following a similar schedule, with some intrepid New Englanders following us shortly thereafter. Though my parents decided to skip the snowy 30 mile trip, and I think that was the right choice, D did come by with coffee for me as usual despite an unpleasant trip to the dentist earlier in the day. Isn't he amazing? I must be the luckiest person on the earth.

Polaroid by Jeff Engel

So we got some people out to see the new Loading Dock Gallery for its soft opening!

A large space in Western Avenue Studios has been transformed into a co-operative gallery and I joined in at the start. My work is in the case on the left, it's these pins:

Plus some felt beads items.

I am so impressed with everyone's hard work and the effort has certainly paid off! It's a spectacular space. It will eventually be open Wednesday through Sunday every week and hopefully becomes a destination for art enthusiasts all over New England. As part of my commitment to participation, I will work in the gallery 5 times a year.

While I was in my studio on Saturday, I heard visitors saying they saw my display downstairs and came up to see more of my work! Fabulous! I understand some of my submissions for the new gallery Vendzart sold as well (it's a refurbished, repurposed 1940's cigarette vending machine). What a thrill! I just love being involved with Western Avenue Studios! Best thing I (with a ton of help from family and friends) ever did!


  1. The snow kept us away, but your blog tells us the story.

    The Gallery is beautiful!!! Great idea, great space. Well done!!!

    Your display is attractive, the case is elegant.
    So proud,
    Love, Mom

  2. Cute polaroid.
    D looks like he just finished up at the dentist. :)

    Beautiful photographs as always.
    Do you frame your photos and sell them as well?

  3. Thanks mom! April will be nice weather, I'm sure.

    Cynthia, I need to get a new printer before I will mat and sell my photos and prints of my mom's watercolors, but it is in the works!

  4. What a great space that is! Sounds like a great place to be and work ☺ Congrats on your lovely display!