Monday, May 5, 2008


Spring is about change, and it is rippling into our lives. Good friends are moving out and new friends are moving in.

My studio has been the lucky recipient of some new furniture pieces, but now my supplies are piled even higher to accommodate the shift.

The condo has holes in the ceiling due to insulating of sweating pipes and the furniture is all moved around to make room for the workmen. At some point the drywall guy will come and be disruptive, but he'll repair the moldy walls as well.

The husband has a new job, closer to home which saves on both gas and energy (the human kind), but he now has a new mountain of a learning curve to ascend.

It's so hard to be OK with a state of flux, to adapt, to accept change. It goes against the grain. I have heard it is better to relax the muscles rather then stiffen and brace for the blow. I've never been very good at relaxing, but I will try not to resist the tide, the weather, the inevitable. I will just continue to make little felty things and in that way perhaps comfort myself and, hopefully, others.


  1. They comfort me! So soft and sweet.

    Lots of Flux right at this Spring season. Shadbush is blooming! That is nice Flux.
    I love this blog post,
    I love you,

  2. Such a time of flux! Congrats to D on the new job! Gist and I slllooowly settling in - we won't have phone or internet 'til Thursday (so I have to use the internets at work - shh) which is why I've been MIA.

  3. Mom, true some of the changes are wonderful! Love you too.

    Marianne! So great to hear from you, sorry we couldn't connect, thinking of you all this time though. I'll send D your thoughts, we are hopeful it's a good change. I hope yours is too.

  4. Hi Liz --
    I love the delicate robin's egg photo (true, broken but still beautiful). It's now gracing my work site as today's wallpaper. Tell D to hang in there with his new job! And you, too. Does Chester have spring fever? Love, Robin