Friday, April 25, 2008


I studied sculpture (along with printmaking, drawing and painting) in college, and I still love working in 3-D. In Indiana where I went to school, limestone was free for intrepid sculptors willing to haul away surprisingly heavy stones from the fringes of reservoirs. I sculpted a lot of stone with chisels, hammers and files.

I carved plaster, hand-built terra cotta,

I even welded steel! I glued slabs of basswood together to make a block from which I carved a Venus-of-Willendorf-type figure (which someone thought was a naked baby as I carried it cradled in the crook of my elbow walking back to my apartment at the end of the semester.)

I know a lot of artists are creating figures in wool with the needle felting technique, but I have always been drawn more to abstracted images. I have preferred to craft the symbol of a flower rather than a realistic flower with accurate petals and stamen. Around Christmas someone requested a mouse so I made a few stylized mice:

And then recently, I wanted to make a gift for someone and I knew they liked dogs so I tried my hand at this:

I worked entirely from my imagination and enjoyed it. I'm very pleased with the results and am excited to try more (Chet, you're next!)


  1. From the heavy block of limestone to the tiny fuzzy puppy, you have always been a true sculptor, willing to try any material, producing delightful pieces.

    I love your work, I love you,

  2. Lovely pieces of artwork! I especially love the fuzzy puppy -- but then again who wouldn't??

  3. I love the venus of willendorf, she is beautiful :)

  4. That Venus has always been one of my faves of yours. I like yer pooch too!



  5. Whoa. I'd love to see more of these!! Felting and pets are like peanut butter and jelly!! They just go together -- and yours is so so adorable!!

  6. Thanks guys! More wool sculpture is definitely coming!

  7. WOWOW Gorgeous!! I love it!!
    I want to learn how to make them!!
    I have tooooo...