Friday, August 15, 2008

Fluid Blue

Last Saturday night I was fortunate to have the chance to model a one-of-a-kind jacket hand-created by Ann Lee who has a studio at Western Avenue. I had watched each original piece come together over the course of many months and Saturday Ann lined up 9 models to show her creations to the world! Well, at least to everyone who crowded into the standing-room-only runway area she set up in the loading dock. With WGBH's Margot Stage as MC, we paraded proudly, laughing and clowning a little as the crowd cheered us on!

Gay Tracy:

Heather Wang

Liz Stewart:

Ann seemed to be in heaven and sold at least three jackets that night! It was huge fun and I'm so glad I participated despite a touch of stage fright. Here's Ann grinning in the middle as we applaud her:

I especially enjoyed creating original jewelry to match the jacket:

I don't think this launches my career as a professional model, but I'm sure it launches Ann's as a first class couturier!


  1. Very nice. Congratulations to Ann and to you!

  2. That looked like fun! You were brave and you looked beautiful. The color!!! gorgeous on you and the jacket ...magnificent... the earrings and pendant, lovely!

    Love, Mom

  3. You always have a great smile. Bright as the blue you were wearing!


  4. The clothes looked stunning, and you all look like naturals strutting down the runway!

  5. Looks like fun was had by all!!! You look like a natural, Liz! Hope to get out there soon!
    Love, Haviland (Laurie)