Friday, August 29, 2008

I can has neighbors?

Hello from the third floor of Mill A! Exciting things are happening here at Western Avenue Studios with many new artists moving in around me.

Mine is the orange door on the left in the picture above, and my new neighbor with the lovely purple door is Candace of The Intuitive Garden! You may recognize that name from previous posts as Candace and I frequently share a space at craft shows. She is very positive, has great ideas and is an amazing artist and photographer, I'm thrilled to have her right next door!

Across the hall with the gorgeous glass cases is Lush Beads! Yes, the downtown bead store is now right across the hall from me. Oh trust me, I know how dangerous this is :) I already struggle with working right below a yarn shop! Liz is my good friend and I am not only excited to have so many supplies nearby, I'm delighted to be able to see her every day. In addition to beading supplies, she will be offering her gorgeous intricate finished jewelry and classes!

As you can imagine, I am in heaven :) Come by and visit us September 6th for First Saturday Open Studios, we will all have our doors open 12-5.

Also on that day, Liz is having a special event with a book signing featuring Karen Morris, author of The Beading Answer Book. She will also have refreshments and raffles! (Oh, and there are about 150 other artists at Western Avenue who would love to meet you as well :)


  1. But I want a studio, too! (she whines)

    OMG, you people at Western Ave are killing me (and my wallet). I am not going to be coming to the Sept. 6th Open Studios (I'm broke!) but I will be bringing friends to the big Open Studios at the end of September. Ms. Gist just got a fancy new job so I hope I'll be a little more flush by then...

  2. Liz -- This sounds so wonderful. Friends and their creations at your doorstep.I hope I can bring the boys this fall to see your studio. Love, Robin

  3. I am so happy you have all these friendly, creative and talented people for neighbors in the Western Avenue Studios.

    I will be coming to visit all of you soon. This is so exciting ! Love, Mom

  4. Thanks for the signal boost! It's great to be in the company of so much creativity. I am thrilled to be here!

  5. What a creative bunch of people and such a fun and inspiring place to be!
    I'm envious!! Good-luck, Liz! Hope to come out soon!
    Love, Haviland (Laurie)

  6. Congratulations on your new, creative, artistic neighbors! And they're your friends, as well. What fun!

  7. It sounds like such a super fun & creative place to be :D I so wish I could come over for your open studios :D:D

  8. Ms. Liz! Most dangerous new neighbors, indeed... The fourth floor was kinda dead last Sat., until the very end, but the atmosphere has greatly improved recently!

    I wanted to shoot you a quick link - another Etsy friend of mine was on the front page recently and posted about it on her blog - and your nest is front and center!! Wahoo!