Friday, November 14, 2008


I sort of wandered aimlessly for the month of October, or so it feels now. Now that I have ONE WEEK to prepare for the biggest show of my career, the Worcester Center for Crafts's Festival of Crafts on November 28, 29 and 30. It seems a monumental task to prepare enough items in case the show is as big a success as I hope.

And what makes it harder is that I was stuck in new product development mode for a month when I really should have been cranking out the tried and true. But look at this cupcake ornament I made, isn't it sweet?

How can I deny the ideas in my head that want to become manifest when they are so adorable?? Now I must make a dozen of these for the show. I mean I can't NOT have them for the holidays. Not now that I know they exist.

I will just march forward until time is up and there I am in Worcester behind my table, greeting holiday shoppers, smiling, my husband backing me up.


  1. The cupcake ornament is delightful! So glad the idea came to you even though you were extra busy getting ready for the show.

    The creative inspiration arrives at odd moments sometimes, and there is no way to ignore it.
    You come up with such lovely products!

  2. The cupcake ornament is absolutely adorable! I may have to buy a couple of those. :)

  3. I predict that ornament will be a big hit!

    And so will your soup after my next visit to TJs!

  4. i absolutely LOVE the cupcake! i totally want one yesterday, although i will happily wait my turn. :)

  5. The little cupcake almost looks good enough to eat!

  6. Liz - we can't wait to have you at the Worcester Center for Crafts, Festival of Crafts, Thanksgiving weekend! It will be such a fun experience and I am so glad I will have a chance to purchase the new cupcake ornament! See you soon!

  7. mom! Thanks for evewrything, it sure makes it easier having artist parents

    Cindy, maybe Santa is listening :)

    Cicada, thanks for the vote of confidence, that's very encouraging!

    Thanks jae :)

    Amnanda, whatever you want, pick your custom colors, it's yours!

    Thanks Robin! And no calories :)

    Caitlin, thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement, I've been doing shows since 1990, but this feels like a step in a new exciting direction for me :)