Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baking pies with my mom

I still get my hair cut by Deborah at Salon Excellence in Waltham, been going there almost ten years, she's so great! It's me and a bunch of little old ladies getting their curlers set. I love it. Anyway, it's not far from where my folks live so I went to see them today and have some lunch. After lunch, mom baked pies for Christmas.

Here are three videos I made, turn the volume up, press the "play" arrow and join us in the pie making experience!

She makes her crusts from scratch:

I cut up all the Granny Smith apples, mom's mom was my Granny Smith, and my MIL is also a Granny Smith! (But my husband and I are only related by our marriage, we checked ;)

Wheat sheaf, the Farr family pie crest:

That pie is for the grandkids (all in their twenties now!) Mom and I don't eat sugar or wheat so she also makes these lovely open face pies on nut crusts, like big tarts, blueberry and apple, mmmm. We can have as much whipped cream as we like, we just have to whip it. Whip it real good. We used to do it with the manual beater and lots of elbow grease, but I'm bringing the electric mixer tomorrow, I'm not foolin' around.

We are just glad to be able to spend time together for whatever reason. Grateful is what we are.

Peace to you all!


  1. I loved having you there keeping me company. You did a great job peeling and cutting up the apples and cheering me on.

    Love the photos !

    What larks !

  2. Great post! What fun to have so many real life Granny Smiths in your life. My mom is a Granny Smith too. Of course, she's your MIL. :)

    Truly wonderful to be so close to your mother. I can relate.

  3. Liz -- your photos are mouth-watering! I think it's neat you have your hair cut in your old neighborhood (there's a story there)!

  4. Merry Christmas - I hope it was wonderful!

  5. Haha cute post! I found your blog on the etc. forum at etsy! :)

  6. oh that was fun to watch, Liz! Love the wheat sheaf design and watching your mom's experienced hands work their magic.

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Ann, glad you enjoyed it, It's true my mom's hands really know what they are doing and I love watching her bake and draw.