Friday, December 5, 2008

Festival of Crafts Recap

Despite someone describing one of my cute new wool pincushions as a "voodoo cupcake", I think Worcester gets me. I had a fantastic show at the Worcester Center for Crafts Festival of Crafts last weekend!

It was my first really huge show, I was playing in the big leagues now, and I wasn't sure how they would like me. After all, I don't work with fire ie: ceramics, glass, metal, like so many of the higher-end artisans do. I work with brightly-colored, fluffy wool and polymer clay which some still see as just a children's toys. But I put my wares out and they were well received!

I had a fantastic spot, right off the entrance,

good lighting and excellent neighbors. The people running the center and the show could not have been nicer, more encouraging or more helpful. What a fantastic positive vibe in there! I know I'm gushing, but wow.

I made consistent sales and was only overwhelmed with people waiting in line to buy a few times.

The pace was overall very manageable. I did equal parts cash and credit, then a few more sales in checks. People seemed to be buying for themselves as well as for gifts.

The first day was all about cupcake ornaments and pincushions, the second day seemed all about nest pins,

though I generally sell at least a little of everything at each show I do. Each night I went home and while exhausted, made more items to keep my table looking full.

The husband was a huge help, driving me there and back, bagging orders, holding my rolly cart steady while I ran the knuckle buster for credit cards, going for coffee, and generally being a witness to the day and sharing the experience with me.

The vendor we sat next to was the delightful Molly Shattuck Thomas who also works in polymer clay. She has a fantastic eye for color and excels at combining her fascinating patterns into gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair pins and cuff links.

Her craftsmanship is excellent and I really fell for this pair of earrings in my favorite colors with elegant handcrafted ear wires:

A vendor situated in another room of the building sought me out for a trade and I couldn't be more pleased! Ji Hwang is sweet, smart AND talented! Her elegant display used tree branches to complement the natural forms of her precious metal jewelry. These stunning silver pod earrings feature a faceted coral bead in the perfect shade of fiery orange. Love!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the completely sweet Liz of Looka Jewelry. Check out her Etsy shop, her work is so carefully crafted and precious! This bunny just gets to me :) I also met Anna of Ham Crafted who was helping Liz out. Aren't her fabric creations fun?

I am still on cloud nine from the whole experience, I feel like I used up ten years' worth of luck. But even if that was the best of the season, I am satisfied!

Meanwhile the season does push forward. Tonight is the opening reception for the Winter Lights show at the Loading Dock Gallery. It's from 6-9, and you are invited! 10 artisans from Western Avenue Studios have banded together to make a lovely group show specifically to help you with your holiday shopping, yeah, we're thoughtful like that :)

Maybe we'll see you there :0)


  1. What a great report on the Crafts Fair.
    When your father and I were there, we saw what a perfect location you had. Your display was dazzling, and shoppers were plentiful.

    That show was worth the effort.

  2. Voodoo Cupcake would make a great name for a band. Gorgeous work!

  3. Voodoo Cupcake! LOL!

    You'd better trademark that!

    Congratulations on your fabulous show.

  4. YAY for an awesome show! I loved hearing (& seeing) all about it. I'm off to my first show in about an hour!

  5. The show looks great and your booth fantastic!

    Frankly, I could use a voodoo cupcake (pin cushion). :)

  6. Congrats on a super show, Liz! Sounds like a wonderful experience all around. Wish I could have seen your beautiful display table in person.

  7. Take THAT, evil Cupcake!

    Congrats on the show's success!

  8. First of all, I love the fact that your MOM is the first person to post a comment on your blog entry, true love!

    Your shop is one of the reasons I first found etsy, I don't even remeber how I found you and how you were linked to etsy, but THANKS!

    The cupcakes are delicously cute!