Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pilgrimage to Providence

This morning we packed my collection of felty goods and drove down to Craftland in Providence, Rhode Island. I don't know Providence at all but I instantly fell in love with Westminster Street where Craftland is located, it's pretty, full of interesting retail and OMG there were more hipsters per square inch than any other place I've been. I just loved it!

The Craftland shop is big and bright and friendly looking. I got to see one of my Etsy faves, HeatherJeany, and I met Kristin of ScrapsofPaper. I had a lot of fun talking shop with them and looking for the goods of other artists I might recognize. I was so excited to see the work of alamodestuff, heatherwangjewelry and absolutelysmall in the year round shop.

Handmade cuteness!

LOVE the sign:

Since my husband's sister lives in RI, we arranged to meet her for lunch after the drop off.

I would love to go back when the holiday goods are out. I know it will be winter wonderland in there!


  1. That section of Providence looks lovely and interesting in your photos. Makes me want to go there. You and D and L look wonderful.

    Glad you got to see some of your favorite crafts people.

    The Sleepy Sheep in their winter garb will feel right at home in that atmosphere.

  2. The place looks fabulous. Good luck!!

    Now who's that joe cool in the sunglasses posing between the two cuties? ;)

  3. I wish I had been there to meet you and say hi! Hopefully I'll be there one day if you make it down during the holidays. Can't wait to see your stuff.

  4. Looks like a great place! Good luck in selling your wares. :)