Thursday, December 3, 2009

Craft Show Update

I was a felting wild woman prepping for the Worcester Center for Crafts Festival of Crafts over Thanksgiving weekend!

Before the show, Dell and I spent a lovely Thanksgiving afternoon with mom and dad at the house I grew up in.

The show went well though doing 3 day shows is hard! Luckily, I married a really nice guy who helped me through it all. I am so grateful I sold well and had to spend my nights making more goods for the next day. I would also like to express appreciation for my friends and family who have given me strength and encouragement at this exciting but truly stressful time, I couldn't do this without them!

Sunday night we packed my table up and went out to dinner at the Beerworks in Lowell, which we love.

Monday I was back in production mode with another big show weekend coming up; Open Studios on Saturday, December 5th from 12-5 then Bazaar Bizarre on Sunday December 6th along with The Intuitive Garden, Lush Beads and many other Etsians I have only "met" online, should be intense!


  1. We were so glad you and your truly wonderful husband could celebrate Thanksgiving with us.

    And we loved seeing you in action at the Worcester Craft show, a great location, lovely vendors, and delightful shoppers. Your wares are dazzling !

  2. Beautiful pic of Dell and your parents. :)

    Hang in there and good luck with the rest of your show season!