Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's New

I bought these things:

The garlands kit is by my Twitter contact PlanetJune, I've been so interested in making paper garlands lately and here was this kit! The bags book is just something I'm excited about trying right now. Nothing gets me more invigorated about creating than looking at pretty pictures of handmade objects and perusing tutorials.

And I'm making these:

Those will be nest pins, coffee cuffs and little felty heart pins. I'm so grateful I did well this past holiday season, but now I have no inventory! *make make make*

I became a year 'round vendor at Craftland (yay!) and I spent the first two weeks of January making this lot to send them:

Now I am working on all the little projects I put off until "after the holidays". Everyone has been so patient with me and I will get them all completed eventually!


  1. Yummy photos of yummy stuff. I love your colorway choices.

  2. Your work is amazing and I always love your displays. Congratulations on year round Craftland.

  3. I love looking at these colors on this rather grey morning. What lovely images to keep me cheerful.

  4. Your photos make me think we could all be making wool garlands!

  5. Every thing looks wonderful!
    A brilliant blog as per-usual!I have nominated you a Sunshine Blog Award. x

  6. We absolutely love your shop! Your gorgeous cupcakes have sent us on a sugar binge downward spiral...into a sugar coma. :)

    Such a great asset to Etsy and the handmade community! Thank you! -David & Ashley

  7. Thanks Dell! I appreciate your comment :)

    Thanks so much Creatology! It's very exciting!!

    Thanks mom :) I try to keep it bright!

    LOL Mimi! I think you may be on to something :)

    Thanks Maria, very kind of you!

    Wow David and Ashley, very kind comments! I just hearted your gorgeous shop, will have to make some time to get lost on your blog for a little bit :)

  8. I love seeing what's new among your vast repertoire! Everything looks bright, beautiful and tasty. :)

    Hope to make it up to visit your studio this coming summer.