Friday, February 12, 2010

New new new!

Before I even made it through my post holiday To Do list, a flurry of new product development burst through. I couldn't repress it any more!

I've been crocheting tiny things. At night in front of the glowing computer monitor, while reading tweets and listening to podcasts, I've been making tiny intricate things that became other tiny intricate things you can wear:

And today I could no longer wait to try making a completely silly cupcake pincushion ring:

I made another cup cozy in a new color too:

I cannot be stopped! Apparently. We now return you to my regularly scheduled To Do list. Ahem.


  1. I know the feeling. Those to-do lists? Think of them as suggestions :-)

  2. The lacy crocheted earrings are beautiful! I love all your new ideas.

  3. These are beautiful and delightful new creations. Such great ideas.

  4. Sometimes you have to go where the Muse takes you! Very cute new thing.

  5. I think you should keep crocheting and following your muse. Oh your new finger cupcake pincushion is too too cute! Keep creating...

  6. I love cupcakes and love rings ---- Oh my, together... what bliss!

  7. Mimi, so true!

    Andrea, thank you!!

    Thanks Robin and mom!

    Bear Chick, so true :) Thanks

    Thanks Creatology! I don't think I have a choice LOL :)

    Thanks Katiegirl!

    Thanks Michelle :)

    Very kind of you Trudi!