Tuesday, March 13, 2007

There is always something new

I'm excited because I listed another card! This one is "Tulips in Becky's Pitcher". Becky gave mom this beautiful spring-time pitcher last summer. When mom filled it with tulips, the inspiration was complete to make this gorgeous image. These cards are a collaboration between me and my mother. I take her wonderful watercolors and scan them, then I print them on textured, ivory, acid-free paper, cut them out and mount them on beautiful acid-free colored cardstock from Paper Source . (That store is a huge obsession for me. I feel happy and content and creative every time I walk through the door there. I'm lucky to live nearish to two of them, one is in Coolidge Corner in Brookline and the other is in Porter Square in Cambridge.)

Mom was trained in oil painting and worked in that medium for many years. In 1984 she took a class in journaling with illustration from nature and began drawing and making watercolors. She always paints from life and often shows up early to various appointments so she can draw the scene out the car window. She is also inspired by the elegant shapes of fruits and vegetables, flowers of all kinds, and the vessels she has been collecting for years. Everyone loves giving her flowers as she is likely to make a painting of the bouquet! We have chosen to make cards from over 70 designs in her watercolor journals, I am slowly trying to create listings for all of them. I especially look forward to having a display of the cards in my studio "gallery". I have a card spinner rack ready to go! Eventually, we will also offer small matted prints. I expect to get a professional mat cutter this summer. Having been a picture framer comes in handy in endless ways.

I was able to sell the cards when I worked at the now-defunct Newton Pottery House (pictured), and they were a big hit. As the technology (ie: printers, scanners, software) improves, I am able to make better and better looking printed materials. I think this current arrangement produces beautiful cards that look like actual watercolors. Very pretty.


  1. Have you ever been to the Quill & Press in Acton? Yum. --lushlizzie

  2. Oh yes!! I love it! They have a great mix of craft supplies, fine arts supplies, and stationery. They frame too! Makes me wanna go right now :)