Tuesday, March 20, 2007

W l o e p i g!

So this title make no sense, I know. It comes from a sign that someone posted in the lobby of our apartment building. Back when the elevator was only decorative, someone carefully made and posted on the elevator door a construction paper sign. An adult did this, I believe, and the sign said: Welcome Spring! But every other letter was yellow and didn't show up, hence the effect in the title of this post.

Anyway, it's coming. I know there's a large amount of snow and ice on the ground, but I am not disuaded from feeling spring fever. Here's a pic out the apartment window onto the roof of the parking garage during the height of the Nor'easter on Friday night. You can see the SUN sign is having its usual storm-related "issues". They are good about getting it back in shape quickly though. It's a landmark in Lowell, like the Citgo sign in Boston. I like to say, "The SUN is always shining in Lowell." But it's probably annoying that I always say that. Facing the opposite direction is another lit sign with the SUN letters in a different color my husband says is green. It looks blue to me, it's probably aqua.

I have been working on designing and making the invitation for my Nephew's wedding, which will happen this June. Some months ago, I went to Paper Source with his lovely fiancée, Emily, and we picked out paper colors and sizes and I tried to envision her dreams for the perfect invite. I hope I succeeded, I'm pretty pleased in any case. They wanted an Adirondack chair theme. I decided to emboss the motif on a vellum overlay using a rubber stamp. But I couldn't find the perfect one so I had one made! I drew a picture of two chairs and took it to Owl Stamp right here in Downtown Lowell and they made one for me. I've always wanted to have a custom rubber stamp made. Very cool.


  1. These came out beautifully! Great idea and wonderful execution.

  2. Wow! Thanks a bunch! I love hearing that from a paper person :) They were a big hit with the family too, phew!