Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am "it"

I've been blog-tagged by Sandra Eileen Artisan Jewelry. I'm supposed to post 7-10 random things about myself.

1) I know the words to more than one Bob Wills song and I like to sing along. Loud.

2) I haven't eaten sugar in over three years.

3) I am a compulsive collector; don't let me near a Salvation Army, thrift shop or yard sale. It isn't pretty.

4) My college guidance counselor asked me why I took sculpture, painting, printmaking AND drawing when I didn't "need to" to get my degree.

5) I met my husband by answering his online ad in 1999.

6) Sometimes unexpected things make me cry. Example 1) Seeing my sister's beautiful face across the dinner table, Example 2) John Singer Sargent paintings, Example 3) A group of neighborhood men singing x-mas carols in a store I was working at. (THAT was embarassing!)

7) For being so realistic and cynical, I have no trouble believing my horoscope.

8) I have done, at various times, for work: picture framing, figurine sculpting, hand assembly of high-end invitations, porcelain repair and t-shirt painting, among many others.

9) Every random job I ever had contained an aspect that was crucial later in moving my life forward.

10) I am an atheist and an optimist.

I choose to tag Glass Beach next...(hope she don't hate me)


  1. Funny, unexpected, and very, very sweet.

    Interesting, unusual and HONEST!

    Love, Mom

  2. Gosh, how did I miss your post yesterday, where did yesterday go.

    I used to avoid sugar without a problem, but somehow got back into that nasty habit, you have inspired me to get off it again. 3 years, wonderful.

    Can't say I know who Bob Wills is, but I like to sing along, loud too.

    I often read my horscpoe or fortune cookie too, what is it about that?

    i like number 9 - I hope that's true for me as well. I am as optimistic as I can be too - don't really have to classify the other.

    and number 6 - don't get me started

    I wish Lowell was closer to Blacksburg, I think we would get along famously.

  3. I re-did the math, and it's actually been FOUR years since I quit sugar. Changed my life completely.

    I added a link to Bob Wills so you can see who he was.

    As for being so far away from all these cool etey peeps I am meeting? My Etsy friend in Alberta, Canada says "Damn time and space."

  4. No, I don't hate you! It was fun to read your randomness (#6 got me all misty and missing my sister) and fun to come up with my own randomness! Darnit, I've got to get back to Mass and visit Bob Slate with you!

  5. i am a crier over unexpected things too. i choose now to believe that is an artistic trait ;) loved this post!

  6. I learned a lot! I cry too! And I'd be interested to know how stopping sugar changed your life?!

  7. Sugar was giving me wild mood swings, and I was terribly addicted to it. It was all I thought about (for 30 years). When I quit cold turkey, all the cravings stopped COMLETELY and my moods evened out. Plus I lost 60 pounds. But I found out I ALSO had to stop eating corn, wheat, rice and potatoes too, because the starch turned to sugar in my system which affected me exactly the same way as a Snickers bar. As a bonus, when I quit corn, my mild asthma went away. I'm never going back.

  8. Very impressed by No. 2.

    Couldn't agree more on No. 3. :)

    Great list!