Monday, April 2, 2007

I Am Featured!

Recently, an extremely nice woman contacted me out of the blue to be featured in her monthly email newsletter. Here is the link! Scroll down to the bottom to see my little write up in the "Featured Friends in Arts and Craft Business or Web sites This Month" section.

PaulJulia Designs creates original handmade bags. You can view her Etsy shop here: PaulJulia Designs. Julia runs the small company with her husband out of Malden, Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, my new obsession with old buttons continues...


  1. If you love old buttons, then I need your address missy! And I just joined an online swap for vintage buttons! Wish I had thought to tell you about it. And, what color buttons are you really digging now?

    Um, this is becoming more of an email than a blog comment. Sorry!

  2. I'll email and tell you all about it!! :)