Tuesday, April 10, 2007

South End Open Market

Invitations are done! It was a big project, but very gratifying. We all worked together and thank whoever for the internet, made things so much easier. Made things possible! Mom was a HUGE help; addressed all the envelopes and held my hand when I got overwhelmed, yay Mom!

Now I can look ahead to what is next. Exciting development: I was accepted to receive two free spots at South End Open Market in Boston this summer and fall! Originally, when I heard about the market, I knew I would want to do it, but they require a commitment of 5 Sundays in the 6 month season and I knew I wasn't ready for that quite yet. I was planning on attending this season, observing and being jealous of the vendors. Then I read a post in the Etsy forums (to which I am unashamedly addicted) that SEOM offers free spaces to first time Etsy vendors, so I signed up. Whee!! The dates are July 22nd and September 30th.

Now I need to think about what I will be selling and how to display it. Luckily, on the September date, I will be sharing a table with Liz who owns Lush Beads the great little bead store in downtown Lowell. She will be a great table mate, won't scare away my fish. Let me explain that: it is my experience that customers at a craft show approach your table like timid fish and any little thing can startle them away. Especially a clueless adjacent vendor who feels compelled to make a friendly comment on somthing banal like the shirt the customer is wearing, which, like oppposite magnets, propels them away from your table instantly. Grr.

I know there will be much jewelry at the show, so I will showcase my eggs, felt and mom's cards. So now I am off to reconfigure the layout of 70 or so of mom's watercolor designs to my new printer. I had them all set up on the old one, but now the margins are all off, and the colors are odd so I need to redo each one. But it's a labor of love! And the new printer makes such pretty prints, it's really satisfying. I will have a whole spinner rack of her cards at the show!


  1. I love this blog entry, and I thank you for you kind words about me!

    your photo is lovely. I know I took it, but you look wonderful. Your writing is beautiful. Love, Mom

  2. Awww...I LITERALLY couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for all your help. I can't wait to show off all your beautiful cards!


  3. I found your comment!!! this is so cool!!!

    I am going to try again, I love this stuff.
    Love, Mom

  4. Congrats on the spots at the Southend Market, I wish I had a venue like that available to me.

    And I am loving your blog and love the fact that every picture I see of you, you have on a scarf.

    So neat!

  5. The South End is sort of hard to get to from here by car, right in Downtown Boston, not quite sure how that will work, but it's worth a try.

    Oh, that scarf, I knit you know so I have dozens of scarves, but I'm usually in that one. Mom and dad's house is drafty! If it ever stops snowing you'll see my in my resort wear :)


  6. congrats, Liz! i am so happy for you :)

    you know i love your mom's cards and so has everyone i have sent one too! all your stuff is so cool-oh, and i think you should sell your knitted scarves too!

    whew on getting the invites done, i just loved the beautiful invitations, i think it is so much more special because you handmade them and your lovely mom addressed them and helped ♥

  7. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Mom is thrilled to get such positive feedback on her cards.

    Well, my knitting is very pedestrian, but maybe someday I will get fast enough at it to sell!

    People are beginning to receive the invites and the reactions have been positive and fun :)


  8. Congrats, I am going to be there on August 5 and 17th!