Friday, October 5, 2007

Carolyn's Iris

This was one of the first images I scanned from my mom's watercolors to make cards. I am slowly getting all 70 designs we have in my computer formatted into the cards we sell. Every time I add a new one to the card rack at shows, people snap it up! Sometimes they don't even send the cards, they frame them. At some near point we will be offering actual matted prints.

By the way, I have First Saturdays Open Studios tomorrow, October 6th from 12-5, come by and say hello! (See "Appearing Live" to the right for directions).


  1. I can understand why they are snatched up so quickly! Beautiful work!

  2. Your idea to make cards from my journal drawings was brilliant.

    It has made me very very happy all these years. What a delightful arrangement!

    Love, Mom

  3. These are lovely. I just adore the prints on the purple cardstock.