Monday, October 15, 2007

A Few Hours a Week

I will be working at Lush Beads in downtown Lowell on Tuesdays, helping the "Other Liz" and making a little $$ to keep things moving along. I know, it is dangerous to work in a bead shop, but I can handle it! I'm not addicted, I swear. A few beads never hurt anyone. Just this one time. I really need these. Shiny! Sigh.

Mom and I went to Russo's farm stand in Waltham last week. It's been expanded and it's pretty amazing. Although the parking is still miserable (our trick is to park in the way back) and the little old ladies still want to mow you down with their tiny shopping carts if you dawdle. Unfortunately, everything in there looks like a still life and it's hard for artists to move through quickly! I have many bruises.

Here are some shots I grabbed quickly:


  1. Such gorgeous shots, especially since you were battling produce-frenzied elderly ladies! I had to do a little zoom-out from the Russo's map to see my old neighborhood in Waltham. Thanks for the update for my memory lane!

  2. gorgeous shots Liz! Now I'm hungry. :)
    Have fun at the bead shop and don't be too tempted.

  3. That was an amazing day at Russo's.
    Everything glowed with color. I am glad you got so many good photos. Memorable!
    Love, Mom

  4. Beautiful Photos! I find the beauty of the Earth's bounty inspiring.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Maia, who knew Waltham would become so swanky?

    Vicki, thanks! I'll try not to leave each paycheck in the shop :)

    Mom, thanks for taking me!

    Cinnamon, thanks, I love your anti-poison crusade!