Friday, October 19, 2007


Do you do this too? I always have more than one project going at once. Oh, I finish them all eventually, but in the mean time they all live in my unconscious like loose ends. Today I decided to pull all my knitting projects out and put them in one place, the result:

I have learned, from reading the internets, that these are called "Works In Progress", or WIPs. Let's see, there are 3 hats, 2 scarves, a throw, and something that wants to be a bag I think.

I'm not a sophisticated knitter, and I don't follow patterns. I mostly make things up as I go with a few basic guidelines. I knit for fun, I can't possibly afford to sell my work, although if I finish a lot of these pieces at once I'll be forced to! We don't have the storage. I don't use fancy yarns either, even though my studio is right below the Classic Elite Yarn outlet. I haven't had the courage to go there yet. Or maybe I'm showing courage by not going! Yes, that's it.


  1. Yes, I definitely have a little collection of WIPS... but they have been abandoned long enough to qualify as UFO's, because there really hasn't been any 'progress' for a while! Yes, I'll finish most of them eventually, i swear!

  2. It's funny you posted this. I also recently found out what WIPs mean. It seams most creative people have a lot of these things. You should see my pile!

  3. You know Liz, I think we get along so well because we are so similar. I have so many projects going that my new project is to keep track of all my works in progress. Great photo too! I just love the deep orange color.

  4. Nice assortment of WIP's. All beautiful at this stage and will be lovely all completed. Great photo!!!

    Love, Mom

  5. Oh, me too - I can totally relate!! And most of my WIP are personal things for my boys - so I also feel guilty that I haven't completed those!

  6. Hee, it took me forever to figure out what WIPs were. I have far too WIPS to count, including a beautiful pink sweater (with Classic Elite Yarns, btw!) that I'm too sad to take out of the knitting bag because I'm sure my post-baby body is too big for it!

  7. Aaaah, WIPs. I have an embarrassing amount of them - many should probably be categorized as UFOs but I refuse to give up hope that I'll become a focused and disciplined knitter instead of one who falls in love with the next pretty yarn that crosses my path!

  8. How could one resist the Elite Yarn Outlet? Wow.

  9. Amanda, I assume UFOs are UnFinished Objects? Hee hee, I have some of those from childhood still! Sad I know.

    Sew, show us yer pile!

    TIG, twins separated at birth, mom, any comments? Anyway, your new project made me snort :) I love that orange too, hoping I still love it by the time I finish the throw!

    Mom, thanks for all the inspiration to learn new things!!

    Cathy, it's like the cobbler's kids not having any shoes, right?

    Maia, maybe you could finish the sweater and donate it or give it as a gift! (or maybe you'll be surprised that it fits just fine:)

    Marianne, hee hee! Exactly, I'm such a yarn whore. And I buy stuff with no particular project in mind! I'm reaching critical mass, soon I'll be clasified SABLE: Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.

    Kell, it's only a matter of time, I will succomb...