Sunday, December 2, 2007

Great Open Studios!

Yay! What a success :) Saturday was cold and SO windy, the objects flying through the air above the parking lot of Western Avenue Studios were large, yikes! But the artists braved the elements as did holiday shoppers and my parents.

This open studios was longer, from 10-6 and I'm glad I did most of my cleaning on Friday because I didn't manage to get in until 9:45 Saturday morning and had just enough time to run my trash down to the loading dock and turn on the Christmas lights before folks started showing up.

We had a fairly steady stream of really nice people all thrilled to be either discovering WAS for the first time or returning to see what was new. I had some new flowers I have been needle felting from thick and thin single ply wool yarn, they are my latest passion and they went over well! I need to take product shots and list them in my Etsy shop. And I need to make more, they are fun!

I also worked on some of my original design needle felted flowers:

I had quite a few people come in to say they had come specifically to see my work! They had spotted the postcard I put up around town or they had found this blog. I am thrilled that people take the time to come and find me! Thank you!

Mom and dad got in around 11 and I was glad for the company. They like to hang out and observe the scene, talk with the other artists and eat a little lunch. I love having them there and it's fun to let people know that mom is the artist who does the drawings for the cards :)

At one point I did look up in time to see my dad rolling past my studio door on a Segway! Someone was giving demonstrations and at various times I saw people glide by in the hallway, it was vastly amusing. I understand D even took a spin but I somehow missed it.

Here's Maria, a wonderful and very creative metal smith a few studios down from me, taking her ride:

D brought me coffee, gave me a hug, rubbed my shoulders and chatted with mom and dad for a bit. Then he went off on Saturday errands.

I actually had a migraine all day and kept it barely in check with Excedrin. Wow! Lousy timing, but what are you going to do? D fed me when I got home, I took a hot bath and put an ice pack on my neck and went to bed.

I still had a really great time and I am gearing up for next weekend when I will really be put to the test. I have another open studios on Saturday and on Sunday I have the Holiday Arts Happening with Liz of Lush Beads!

A lot of shows are happening this weekend, I'm sorry I can't go support The Intuitive Garden at the SOWA show and we are all missing Bazaar Bizarre. But I'm glad we have shows and that people are enjoying buying handmade for the holidays!


  1. I am so glad open studios went well! I am trying to work my schedule so that Gist and I can, either separately or together, make it to Western Ave. open studios, the Bizarre Bazaar and the Foundry Artists Association holiday show next weekend - phew!

  2. Sounds like a great day! I've got to get up there and check out WAS some time soon.

  3. Yay! I am glad it was a good day, despite the cold and wind! I love love love those red and white flower pins. :)

  4. marianne, you have a lot on your plate to hit all those shows! I hope to see you at WAS :)

    stonesoup, I'm checking out your blog, it's great! Yes, please visit any time :)

    emily, thanks! I'm so glad you like the flowers. Your little creatures always make me smile :)

  5. Must. Have. That. Flower.

    I didn't see that exact one in your Etsy shop yet or that photo in your Flickr! I would just like to buy it please. The white one with the red center. It is super purty!

  6. Hahaha! You are a doll :) This is the only place it exists right now. If you are serious, I'll make a listing for you in my Etsy shop later tonight!

  7. So serious. I am super in love and have not closed the page since I saw it.

  8. TheIntuitiveGardenDecember 3, 2007 at 9:16 PM

    Kari, I said the same thing about that flower when I saw it in person. It is stunning!

    Liz, I am so happy you did well. But, I am not surprised! =)

  9. What a time we had!

    Your display is so warm and colorful, your wares are beautiful, your customers and colleagues are very, very nice.

    Love, Mom

  10. Sounds like your Open Studios are going very well. Congratulations! I wish I could be there to cheer you on in person. Although I'm down here in the sub-tropics of central Florida, enjoying the warm weather, I really miss New England this time of year! Give my love to D.

    Love, Cindy