Monday, January 14, 2008

I Feel Like A Superstar!

Etsy has a fun tool called the Treasury. It's a collection of member-curated lists of twelve Etsy items each. You have to be fairly lucky to snag an empty treasury list, the demand is high! And once you do get one, the list only lasts one to three days then it disappears forever.

If you are an Etsy seller, you can tell if you've been chosen to be featured in a list if there is a gold star next to the title when you scroll through the title pages (you must be logged in for this to work.) If there is a gray star, you have been chosen as an alternate, which is also a nice feeling.

The best part about the treasury is that is often where Etsy Admin get the front page items. So if you are in a treasury that gets chosen for the front page, there is huge exposure for that item and your shop!

Tip to Etsy peeps: if you do land on the front page, increase the quantity of your item if possible so if one sells, you will remain in the spotlight. If your item sells and the qty was one, you will drop off the front page and who knows if you will ever get there again?? This is hard if your item is OOAK (One Of A Kind). I guess just bask in the temporary glory and cheer the sale :)

It's so random whether you will ever get on the front page and I have had the huge fortune of being on the front page at least 5 times in the year since I joined Etsy and each incident was a heart stopping jubilant moment. I will never get tired of that.

Anyway, another way to feel special is to be the curator of the list that gets chosen! It means Admin approves of your taste which is exciting, because you have stood out amongst thousands of sellers, maybe they will check out your shop and discover you are a crafting genius, maybe they will make you featured's dreams grow to grandiose proportions. Oh, to be an Etsy superstar!

(Oh, also, the people in your list really love you if you get them on the front page!)

Here is a link to an incomplete Flickr set of treasuries I have been featured in, and below is the front page I chose the items for that was featured today!!:


  1. Oooh, I was just admiring that treasury. Congratulations and well done:-)

  2. Hey, that's awesome, Liz! Whoot! You pick gorgeous treasuries (thank you thank you for including me in one last week, I thought that one was front-page material too!), not surprised it made it to the front page. :)

  3. Such a gorgeous front page! Yay Liz! Your taste is impeccable!

    Go, Superstar!

  4. When I saw that Treasury, I thought it looked like a work of art in itself. It glows!

    This blog explains it all, why it is exciting and wonderful to be chosen for the Front Page.

    Well done! Love, Mom

  5. A very beautiful treasury indeed! I love this color combo and was so happy when I saw it. Yay for yours to be featured!

  6. Congrats! Oh and thanks I always wondered how you know if you are in a treasury!