Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year!

While I'm not a huge fan of getting older :/ I do love the opportunity to refresh and reassess that the arbitrary milestone January first provides. This year I am full of ideas about clearing out a lot of the items I've hoarded over the years. I can't wait to create more space and instill order in the space where the things I plan to keep will reside.

Saturday's Open Studios was a wonderful day of visiting with my parents and other Western Avenue artists. Plus a surprising turnout of people excited to be visiting WAS for the first time or super nice return customers who brought their friends! It was so much fun :)

Here are mom and dad on their way home, 30 miles south of Lowell. I really love it when they spend some time with me in my studio!

Sunday, D and I took down our cute little tree, Chet helped with the ornament storage, testing the box size for cat-shaped objects.

I finished my silk/cotton crochet scarf and I love it!

Now I'm working on something minty green (huge surprise, right?) in a bamboo, acrylic blend, mmmm...silky smooth. I love bamboo fabric!

I have been working on felty things in my studio:

I have already listed a cute heart pin In my Etsy shop for Valentine's day or any time you want to get a smile from people, because that's what I hear wearing my felty pins will result in :)


  1. *waves at your adorable parents*

    I love the scarf and the pin! Now I want to try to crochet again, although my last foray was fraught with tangles and swearing!

  2. How lovely to find us in your blog!
    It was an event not to be missed. We enjoyed every minute.

    These hearts are just beautiful, also sweet. I saw you choose the buttons!
    Love, Mom

  3. Hi Liz,
    I'm wearing my felt Christmas pin today & love it (have gotten some nice comments, too). Your new crocheted scarf is beautiful! Love, sis-in-law Robin