Monday, April 7, 2008


Every once in a while I forget what I know in my heart to be the truth: that I have more than enough in this world, that my life is overflowing with love and support and good will as well as material goods. It's so easy to forget when the paycheck runs out a little too soon some months, when I can't move forward in growing my business as fast as I want to, when a huge opportunity is presented but doesn't actually pan out. It's easy to forget what I do have. I have everything I need and more so.

Abundance. It's always present, surrounding me like air. I just need to remember, open my eyes, see it, reach out and acknowledge it. Last week the switch was flipped in my brain and I remembered. And I was instantly presented with corroborating proof!

A lovely internet friend in Wales started the manifestation of proof of abundance when she sent me a bag of wool from her very own sheep! Vicki washed it for me and sent it as a gift, to see if it would work for me so I can buy more in the future if it felts nicely. Does it ever felt nicely! I can't stop felting this gorgeous oatmeal colored wool. I can't wait to see the other natural colors she might have available.

Around the same time, Amanda, who has given me amazing yarn in the past that I made into nest pins...

...told me she had some more colors of wool thick-and-thin yarn for me and presented me with three stunning, giant skeins! I am overwhelmed and I look forward to seeing the nests that come from these gorgeous colors.

A day later I was presented with an amazing collection of wool from another artist in my studio building, she would like to trade for selections from my decorative paper stash, you bet!

I may not have won the lottery, but wool, three bags full, feels like precious treasure to me. I can make beautiful things with these gifts, enjoying the process, thinking of my kind friends the whole while. I will sell these items, infused as they are with good will, to other people who will then carry around that joy or pass it along as a gift to someone else.

I don't mind having to constantly re-remember these basic truths, because each time is like a revelation and it renews me. Thank you to all my generous friends!


  1. Liz -- Those are beautiful words and what abundance (three bags full). Now I know spring is coming soon! Robin

  2. I saw how happy you were with those lovely gifts of wool. You make such beautiful, beautiful wooly things.

    This blog post expresses so well how delighted you were with all the generosity flowing your way.

    You deserve it all ! And more ! And more will come !
    Love, Mom

  3. Such lovely gifts and ones from the heart. I really enjoyed your blog. Lovely watercolors by your Mum.

  4. A lovely post. Thank you for remind us all that we are blessed, in small ways (and sometimes big ways), every day.

  5. Robin, yes and the weather is already warmer!

    Thanks mom, you are the most generous person I have ever met!

    Thanks so much Gallery, she will love hearing that :)

    Thanks Diva!

    I'm glad you liked it T :)

    Moonmystic, aren't they dreamy??