Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lowell, MA is the New Hollywood

Ricky Gervais is shooting his movie, This Side of the Truth, in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts! Read his blog about it here Apparently Lowellians are quiet and polite, who knew?

Ricky Gervais:
For the past two days the film crew has been set up on our street and filming in The Dubliner pub (The Dub). I had a chance to hang out across the street and stargaze a bit, catching Ricky and ribald comedian Louis CK with my digital camera. I love seeing famous people! I think it's fun.

Louis CK:
Here's a link to my fairly dull video of the take they were filming while I was watching. unfortunately they were indoors, but toward the end, Ricky and Louis come out the door of the pub.

Fun Lowell Movie Fact: Danas Luncheonette was filmed for a soda fountain scene in the 1992 film, School Ties


  1. Oooh, I love Ricky Gervais! And I love seeing famous people, too. I saw Danny DeVito the other night and am still giggly about it. Lowell looks lovely in the sunshine!

  2. Must be fun to hob nob with the famous and not-so-famous Hollywood movie makers. :) Enjoy.

    Love your new profile photo. Looks great!


  3. Maia, I'd be giggly too, it's harmless fun!

    Cindy, it's been so interesting! And thanks, you are the first to mention my new profile pic!

  4. Just a small's not "Dana's" (as in owned by someone named Dana) it's Danas...that's the family name. I graduated high school with one of the sons. There is another Danas that has a store up on Church Street that also sells guns & ammo.
    Nice pics, though. I actually remember hanging around while they were filming the scenes at Danas. Didn't see anyone famous. Did see, Ricky Gervais, though. I'll be skulking around downtown again next week.
    Great shot of the canal from what looks to be Canal Place II.

  5. Thanks! Corrected :) Good luck with your celeb sighting!

  6. I live on Bridge St and caught them filming on Market St about a week or two back.
    My wife is a hat creating machine, do you sell other peoples crafts at your store?

  7. Hi Mike, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't have a shop.