Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dirty Smelly Noisy Party!

We had a great time at the DSN opening party on June 7th! It was unbelievably hot, 90+ degrees and muggy but who cared?

E, D and F having fun:

Liz of Lush Beads displaying one of her creations intricately assembled from tiny beads and reclaimed computer parts found on Western Avenue,

Everyone brought food and drink and many entertainments were arranged; DJ, multimedia video show,

Lance Gargoyle on keyboards,

and there was also an Eyeformation Live Paint where the design was created in the midst of the festivities!

I even got to meet the super cool Moontree Studios and Clockzilla, here I am with the painfully adorable Moontree:

The Dirty Smelly Noisy show runs through June 30th so make sure you get up to Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA to see all the artwork throughout the mill complex. The closing party will be on June 28th at 7 PM, see you in the loading dock!


  1. Looks like your Dirty Smelly Noisy party was a success. I won't be up until the end of July so I'll miss the show, but can't wait to see your studio.

  2. This gives a great idea of the spirit of the party and the people and the art. What a great group of artists you have at Western Avenue Studios !!!