Sunday, June 29, 2008

JAMBRAree and the Marston Building

We attended the JAMBRAree street festival in Lowell on June 14th. JAMBRA stands for Jackson Appleton Middlesex Business Resident Association. It was a new event, a parking garage was just completed on Middlesex Street and the historic Marston building was renovated into 7 open floor condo units with a retail area on the the ground floor. Vendors and performers set up along Jackson and Marston Streets. Even though there wasn't a vendor fee, I did not do the show. But D, Amanda and I did walk over to check it out.

It was hot out, the show was on a side street that doesn't get a lot of traffic. I don't know how well advertised the event was, I felt for the vendors, and after talking with a few of them I was grateful I didn't try to show there.

We did enjoy going through the Marston building which was having an art show/open house where you could walk through all the units and view art on all the walls. the units are outfitted in Ikea and have nice views of the city. It was extra fun to run into friends like Anna Harrison and Ashlee Welz Smith. Also it was a great chance to see Lowell from a different perspective and take pictures! These are from the Marston:

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  1. I love all your photos of Lowell. Living here in Florida, I miss all the historic buildings of New England. :)